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For Mums
13. October, 2017
Good gift ideas!

"Skin lutinātāju" komplekts..Medus soap, practical and elegant soap dish, lip balm, three types of ointments "Evija" both body and face.

11. October, 2017
Good gift ideas!

"Hostesses cozy" kit. Homely dishes to Your Kitchen! Everything at hand: sugar, salt pots, butter dish and practical initiated onion or garlic dish with a lid to damp odor. Elegant and beautiful desktop independent "population".

Meet us at the weekend!

6. October, 2017
Good gift ideas!

Gift Set "Latvia" and sets "Ceļamaize". The perfect gift for any foreign guest to present Latvia. The perfect gift if someone travels trip or hike in small containers can be useful both as Prezent, both as a "power", power reception time Excellent gift for any situation, to thank. Grateful for the gift, to select the most suitable honey.

Good gift ideas!

“Kaislīgā romantiķa komplekts”. Liepu medus, medus podiņš, medus baudkarote, vaska svece, svečturis, sveču dzēsējs, uz pieskaņotas paplātes kaisles krāsā un desertā dzērvenes liepu medū romantiskām sarunām, kaislīguma pamodināšanai.

4. October, 2017
Enjoy the magic of candle wax!

3. October, 2017
Checkered weekend! We smile at!

2. October, 2017
From October 1, new prices!

28. September, 2017
Greetings Michaelmas!

25. September, 2017
Passed to Tukums - enjoy the beauty!

22. September, 2017
See you at the big trade fairs!

A nice message Tukums

14. September, 2017
We met at the weekend!

8. September, 2017
All of Bauska!

See you in Bauska yard and Porridge worship celebration!

7. September, 2017
John is visiting Riga Food to 2017.

Once again, thanks to our hard-working bitītēm of the most recognized honey 2 nd Latvian title in a row!

26. August, 2017
Thanks to our hard-working bitītēm!

Thanks to our hard-working bitītēm brought by the title of the 2 nd in a row! Our linden honey "Milk, Bread and Honey Festival 2017" renowned Latvian! ... :) More to say THANK YOU! and our active people in the company and the coincidences in nature!

18. August, 2017
Happy birthday, you and Riga "Honey Room"!

15. August, 2017
Congratulations Riga Festival!

12. August, 2017
"Bees flight" through "Honey workshop" ... :)

11. August, 2017
"The new pot harvest" is here ... :))

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