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For Mums
18. August, 2017
Happy birthday, you and Riga "Honey Room"!

15. August, 2017
Congratulations Riga Festival!

12. August, 2017
"Bees flight" through "Honey workshop" ... :)

11. August, 2017
"The new pot harvest" is here ... :))

10. August, 2017
We are waiting for phacelia and buckwheat honey!

We took our hard-working bee on phacelia and buckwheat fields. We wish them every success and environmentally favorable weather conditions! 🙂

"Bees flight" through "Honey Room"

1. August, 2017
Meet us on holiday!

Both tasty and interesting! :))

30. July, 2017
"Pampāļu pot 'workshop secrets ....

A nice, comprehensive film for small and large children about the making ... "Pampāļu pot" workshop ...

Thank hard-working bitītēm!

Thank hard-working bitītēm! What delights us advected ... mmmm ....

25. July, 2017
We congratulate the Valmiera and Sabile!

20. July, 2017
Our "Pampalu pots" for your smile :))

Choose what you want!

18. July, 2017
We are celebrating the holidays together!

12. July, 2017
Quick paviesošanās our veikaiņos: "Honey Chest," Honey Room "and" Honey Workshop "

This week, meet us in the sauna and Broadway theaters!

7. July, 2017
The new forest raspberry honey is here!

5. July, 2017
This week, the thought of the sea ...

30. June, 2017
Japanese guests Daugmale

We visited excursion guests from Japan. One can only admire with some airautību they stroked bees listened to stories about the life of bees, honey products and poured wax candles ...

29. June, 2017
John with bees visiting our county in the film ....

27. June, 2017
We met at the weekend!

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