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About us
September 25, 2015
September 26-27.

Saturday priecāsīm to see you:

  • RigaTo think square celebrating harvest festival with Miķeļdien trade show;
  • Ķekava, harvest festival in the market.

Sunday we welcome:

  • Autumn harvest festival The Ethnographic open-air Museum of Latvia;
  • The witch, Autumn trade fair, at the mini Vesk;
  • Great autumn field benefit fair, Saulkrasto.

Successful holidays!


14. September, 2015
Saturday, 19 September, we met at:
  • 11. Autumn in Jurmala, a parade of plants
    Buldur horticultural school, Viesturs Street 6, Jurmala.
  • In Jelgava, autumn trade fair
    Duke Jacob's square, with a cultural program.
  • In Bauska, Mark to market
    t/c of RIM, pioneer Street, 2.
  • In Dobele, Mark to market
    t/c RIM, Church Street 14.

    Good Luck!


10. September, 2015
Z/S Dorīt's Tour

Beekeeping Association of Latvia to continue the tradition, each year on the second Saturday of September decreed the "day in the apiaries honey". It is the day when beekeepers are taking to himself leads the public is informed about your profession, telling and showing how honey is produced, allowing it also to degustē.
Why Z/S "Dorīt" no 02.09. calls on every lead Log on trip by calling the 29494234.

Group decision-making:
PL. 10:00-12:00
PL. 14:00-16:00

On appointment!



25. August, 2015
Milk, bread and honey Festival

29. in august in Jelgava The XV General Latvian milk, bread and honey Festival with the holiday fairs in which we participate. See the Duke Jacob's square!

For a successful week!


18. August, 2015
We met at Carnikava, Ave. and Salaspils

Saturday, 22nd of august we met at:

  • In Carnikavathat will take place Artisans marketWhat happens on the occasion of the celebration of the Lamprey.
    Fair will take place from 10:00 to 15:00.
  • The National Botanic Garden at Salaspils, that will celebrate the dālij flower.

Sunday, august 23:

  • We'll Be In Ķekava at the Dole people's House, which will take place "Jumble sale to the school with a full bag!

    Good Luck!


10. August, 2015
Riga holidays 2015

15 and 16 08 will take place in Riga Festival in 2015, which will be a festive fair, in which we participate.

Developments in time:
august 15 from noon. 12.00 to 21.00/22.00
16 august from noon. 12.00/18.00 20.00

On appointment!


4. August, 2015
Fairs in the Latvian Ethnographic open-air museum, and Twenty in Valmiera

From august 8-9. The Latvian Ethnographic open-air museum contemporary crafts Festival will occur. We welcome you from the FA. 10:00 to 17:00, freedom gatve 440, in Riga.

8.-9. in august the Twenty will take place Semigallian feast. Venue: old time camp at tērvete, tērvete Castle Bandstand. Two days priecēs you from FA. 11:00.

8. in august. Valmiera town marks anniversary of 732 Therefore, the town square and the old town festival will take place in the fair, in which we participate. Fair will run from 9.00 to 16.00.

To see you soon!


30. July, 2015
This weekend we met at Ventspils and OGRE!

Ventspils city holiday fair We're both with honey, both with ceramics, so meet us:

31.07. Ventspils Vēstursik market, market square 2;
01.08. Ventspils historic market and promenade, port Ventspils Street;
02.08. Seaside open-air museum, circle Street 2.

See also OGRE City feasts:
01.08. from the FA. 10:00 am to FA. 16:00, the liberty Street (from the tunnel to the OGRE District Council).

On appointment!

DSC_3735 copy

23. July, 2015
See you in California and in Ķekava

Tomorrow, 25 June, we met at Tukums District Festival, freedom square. Everyone will be able to experience the atmosphere of ancient times, when it worked and moved the market traders, artisans and buyers from different places of Latvia.

July 26 from 8:00 to 15:00 at the Dole people's House in Kekava will Anna's daily market "water fun". Market dedicated to the theme of water and to rest on and off the water, water attractions, activities, etc.

On appointment!

Daugmales_Jānis bee honey__

15. April, 2015
April 17 at 11: 00: meet John's street 16.

If the 17.04.2015. at. 11: 00 – John Street 16, RigaBalloons.
you are welcome miļ
both large
and small honey room workshop open!

You will meet a lot of nice surprises!
Let's build your each beautiful wax candle, will feature a izvirp pot, you can create your own happiness button!

A wide range of Izgaršos of John Queen Bee honey Daugmale, and it treats!
See you this Friday, April 17th!

9. April, 2015
Exhibition in Rāmav. 9.-12. April


2015. on April 9 to 12 at the exhibition complex "Rāmav" in the
going in the year's largest and most important
Agriculture, forestry, environment and landscaping exhibition in Latvia

"Spring 2015", which is the twenty-third time will bring together representatives of the sectors listed above when starting a new session in the spring-autumn season of work.

Address: exhibition complex "Rāmav" in the Valdlauč in the Ķekava parish. Ķekava nov.

Also, we priecēs you with your food!
Meet Us!

4. April, 2015
Happy Easter!


2. April, 2015
5. meet in April in Sigulda, Jelgava, Ķekava, and open-air museum.

-Easter EggsSunday, April 5. meet us:

In ĶEKAVA8: 00-15: 00 at the Dol's popular House Easter market will occur. Rigas str. 26, kekava

In Jelgava11: 00, Jelgava Palace park, Easter fair-and the whole family.

In SIGULDA9: 00-15: 00 Easter fairs and big day in celebration of "the whole land of pumpuro!" – the holiday region, Sigulda

OPEN-AIR MUSEUM10: 00 – 14: 00 Easter fair-Latvian ethnographic open-air museum, liberty gatve 440, Riga, Latvia, LV-1024
(Outdoor museum-will be two days and 6.04.15 5.04.15.)

We welcome you all!

See you on April 4 ' O ' my mom's fair "-Rezekne


If this Saturday-on April 4
9: 00-18: 00, the Rezekne Easter fairs,

"O ' my mom's fairs No 2"
Raina with 29 of the park.

Meet Us!

3.04.15. and 4.04.15. meet "Margie FAIRS" in Salaspils, OGRE and Jelgava.

plague market

This week we viesosim to "Margie" peasants, craftsmen and fairs the outworker-

Salaspils-Friday 03.04.1510.19: 00: 00 – in Salaspils, Mark to market, t/c Rimi-School Street 4e

Oregon- Friday 03.04.1510: 00 – 16: 00, OGRE: Margie market, t/c Riga – 33 Rimi
Saturday 04.04.15., 10: 00-16: 00, OGRE Margie market, t/c Riga – 33 Rimi

Jelgava- Friday 04.04.1510.19: 00: 00 – Margie t/c market, VIVO-Catholic Street, 18

April 1, 2015
Come on honey chest.


Come visit our


Rigas Street 22, Kekava, on the t/c Liib, 1. floor.

We Welcome You!

23. March, 2015
We are waiting for you to see!

Daugmale_bee_honey_bee DAUGMALES biteIf you have already been to visit us in Daugmale?
If not, then you'll be all warm welcome!

During a visit to the partisan bee apiaries, nodegustēs a wide range of the honey. Glaudīs the bees!
If you have always wanted in my heart be pottery and lathe the pots, then here is a great place to master the presence of Lindh participate "pampāļi pot" manufacturing process, we'll see how drained and the same will be able to create a beeswax candle! As well-each will be able to create your own happiness-decorate it with button a unique ornament (before logging in)

Phone: 371 29494234

19. March, 2015
The children's vocal ensemble "the Cīrulīt" turns 35 anniversary

???????????????????????????????Saturday day-Saulaināj
on March 14.
Ķekava cultural House spring mood caused the Ķekava municipality vocal ensemble "Cīrulīt" for singers.

This year the children's vocal ensemble "the Cīrulīt" was
the 35-year anniversary that we cherished in the ciemojām and
with our medutiņ-picked up!

The concert was attended by small children from the singers vocal ensemble "Cīrulīt" and the girls of the vocal ensemble "feel". Event led by actress Zane Jančevsk that during the event, along with the small singers of folk songs Latvian izdziedāj.

5. February, 2015
Meet from 6 to 8 February 22. International exhibition-fair 2015 international exhibition, BALTTOUR kompels Kipsala in Riga, Ķīpsal Street, 8.

4. February, 2015
Meet us in Riga, Dobele and Bauska in vilyani.

This week, your favorite "Margie" peasant, artisan market the outworker and will be visiting Thursday 05.02, Riga, Mīlgrāv, in from noon. 11 to 19 at the T/C "Rimi", Mīlgravj Street 6, 06.02, Friday In Dobele, from noon. 9 to 18, at the t/c "Rimi" Church Street 14, satday 07.01, Bauska, from noon. 9 to 16 at the t/c "Rimi", Pieonier Street 2 also meet. Sunday, viljani, 08.02 from noon. 7 to 15 monthly fairs in viļāni Stadium.

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