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About us

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About us

Farm "Dorītes" is located at the area of Daugmale that is circumfused by the Daugava River, which historically has been the place where King Namejs have called together the brave warriors from the Zemgalians to defend our country against the German invaders. Today, Daugmale, and its surroundings can be characterized as a place with a lot of green and ecologically clean areas that gained international opinions. Owing to that, bees of Jānis from Daugmale are able to gather high-quality honey and other apicultural products. Jānis from Daugmale honey has been repeatedly recognised not only in Latvia, but his ambrosia has won a high international rating.

The call of Jānis from Daugmale to focus on beekeeping stretches back to his late teenage years. At the beginning of this occupation was only the way how the schoolboy could get some money, but later it turned into absolute bigotry. The first professional ventures in apiculture Jānis from Daugmale started at the age of 20, when he was recruited for the apiarist at the Bees Scientific Research Laboratory of the Ogre’s Horticultural Experimental Centre. Many years later, Jānis started to work as an apiarist at the collective farm "Sarkanais strēlnieks". Bigotry in apiculture took over completely Jānis from Daugmale and he brought in it all his select people established his family business. Consequently, in Latvia, it resulted in the first private apiarist’s packaging of honey in jars and a new brand”Daugmales Jāņa bišu medus” (Honey by Janis from Daugmale). Often people confuse the brand of honey products by Jānis fro Daugmale with his name, which just like this is the only one in the world – apiarist Jānis Sulutaurs. The company developed in close and strong co-operation of the whole family, and on February 8, 1996, the farm "Dorītes" was founded and represented by Jānis from Daugmale. Farm "Dorītes", representing honey products by Jānis from Daugmale until this day. The name ”Dorītes” was given as a pet name from Latvian ”dore” (hollow in a tree used as a hive for bees, but in some regions of Latvia it denotes a tool with which a man can catch hiving wild bees).

In the course of time, Janis from Ddaugmale obtained his knowledge in apiculture. The skills were mastered not only from books, but also from the exchange of experience with recognised apiarists of Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Finland, Austria, Germany, France and other countries. Today it would be difficult to count, how many apiarists have been schooled by John himself. He also acknowledges that the apiculture is a way of life for him. It is not only a profession, but rather some sort of science and art. Every time when apiarist visits the family of bees, he must be creative and full with new ideas. Every year the apiculture products discover new developments in medicine and the unique opportunities for using them in the diet. Of course, if the proper technologies of collection and storage will be followed.

Considering the needs of our clients, we refill and deliver honey in packages from 30 grams to 4 kilograms. We have developed a friendly relationship with more than 250 restaurants, cafes, hotels, sport clubs, guest houses, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and offices.

A Brief Honey Guide for Barmen, Waiters and Cooks

If you have a desire to pet honey bees, to pour out your own wax candle or to make your stone button of fortune in presence of Janis from Daugmale, then you have an opportunity to enjoy an excursion to Daugmale. Looking forward to the groups of children from kindergartens and schools, as well as to the groups of adult people we are waiting for your calls for more information. Our phone number is ( 371) 29494234.

Today Janis from Daugmale manages about 300 bee hives and gathers up to 20 different varieties of honey, and many other valuable bee products.

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