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About us
  1. Natural honey supply
  2. Natural honey delicatessen
  3. Gift of John honey bees of Daugmale
  4. Pollen
  5. Ambrosia
  6. Propolis
  7. Royal Jelly
  8. Bees wax candles
  9. Pottery for storage of honey products
  10. Medicated salves
  11. Phyto preparations
  12. Therapeutic tea
  13. Honey cosmetics
  14. Apicultural equipment



Honey is the best-known apian product that already has been used both for food and medicine in the dim past. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks considered that honey is able to prolong human’s life, gives strength and keeps man hale and hearty.

Aristotle advised honey as a remedy for eye diseases and for curing of wounds, and propolis, or pollen as a cure for bruises and purulent inflammations. In his opinion honey has a quality to prolong human’s life.

Ancient Greek physician and founder of scientific medicine Hippocrates, who represented the whole Helladic medicine, took a firm stand on the practical value of natural products in medicine as well. Hippocrates considered that ideal medication should be a sort of nourishment, and nutrients at their part should serve as a medication. Hippocrates approved honey of a sample of such kind of treating nutriment and counselled to use it pure or together with water or wine. Hippocrates considered that honey is nourishing and ensure good-looking face. Moreover, honey possesses of antitoxic and expectation qualities, and for that reason he recommended to use honey as an excellent remedy. Down through the ages a legend has saved a message: that a swarm of bees has perched on the grave of Hippocrates and that became a place where they gathered honey to cure sick children.

Nowadays, due to abundant biological composition of honey, it is used in the manufacture of medicinal products. Using honey for external application and covering it on clean and heated skin, it becomes soft and silky. Honey is a good remedy to lessen striking pain spreading it on places where radiculitis is started. Honey calms and improves circulation of blood and digestion, and deaden the pain.

A person can put honey on smarting legs, in places where radiculitis has started and the pain deadens. Honey calms, improves blood circulation and stomach and brain activity. All unique characteristics of honey can be explained due to the fact that its composition is very similar, or almost matching our blood. Therefore, it can be used in surgery, neurology, gynaecology, in the course of healing of diseases of the eyes, heart and ureter, at the gastric intestinal diseases etc. Healthy person, using honey, strengthens his/her immunity and improves the working capacity.

Accordingly to the botanical origin of honey it is classified as floral, leaf and mixed honey. Honey is gathered in spring, summer and autumn. The desired quantity of honey for adult person is at least 5-6 kilos a year. The only thing is just to choose and find the best honey for each body. Honey is composed of iron, copper, manganese, silicon, chlorine, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, aluminium, magnesium and vitamins, which are recommended by the world's dieticians as a need for good health. If a person's daily diet had consisted only of ambrosia and honey, then it would be enough to ingest some cellulose in order not to stop the stomach activity. The following menu would provide the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, iron and microelements.

Jānis from Daugmale uses the following methods to gather honey:

  • honey in combs that bees keep in broodless honeycombs made from the plates of the bees wax cells, and sold as covered plates of combs or parts of such combs;
  • honey in plates of combs or honey in parts of such plates of combs;
  • clarified honey obtained from uncovered broodless honeycombs;
  • strained honey obtained by centrifugation of uncovered broodless honeycombs;
  • extracted honey obtained by pressing broodless honeycombs; unlike to clarified and strained honey extracted honey is refined with parts of ambrosia, pollen and bee-glue, because these substances are within honeycombs and in the process of extraction they get inside the extracted honey.

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