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Candlelight day celebration

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3. February, 2015
Candlelight day celebration

Today 2 February, ciemojām to candlelight restaurant "key of Riga" ("the KEY to Riga") and English traditions of candles to celebrate the day. The evening's guests were escorted by John of Daugmale spill each wax candle. "Bear bakery" landlord normunds Skauģ the visitors always from the great "bear" bribes with bread, on which the "pot" pampāļi artist and hostess Linda smearing of various Kunstman honey, as well as guests with the most pampered skin honey snack, the love and eneģij drink.The restaurant's "key of Riga" master James of bystanders shouted Ungur delicious snacks and a gribetāj a stronger drink. "Valmiermuiž beer" svinētāj was sent to enjoy with beer barrels. Outstanding musical moods and English playground yesterday gave to the folklore ensemble "the Zvīgzn". Fun atmosphere for evening and day padraiskot to candlelight celebration was also the atlidojus of John's "main" Daugmale bite.

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